BioTransformer is a software tool that predicts small molecule metabolism in mammals, their gut microbiota, as well as the soil/aquatic microbiota. Moreover, assists scientists in the identification of metabolites, based on the metabolism prediction. BioTransformer uses both a knowledge-based approach and a machine learning based approach to predict small molecules metabolism. In particular, it consist of five independent modules called "transformers" (EC-based, CYP450, Phase II, Human Gut Microbial, and Environmental Microbial). The BioTransformer library is available at this Bitbucket page.

Please cite:

  1. Djoumbou Feunang Y, Fiamoncini J, de la Fuente AG, Manach C, Greiner R, and Wishart DS; BioTransformer: A Comprehensive Computational Tool for Small Molecule Metabolism Prediction and Metabolite Identification; Journal of Cheminformatics; 2018; Submitted



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